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Medical Services

Labor and Delivery

Fitzgibbon Hospital’s Women’s Center is where women of all ages come to receive health care that exceeds expectation.

When you are a guest of the Women’s Center you can expect:

Quality Care

You can rest assured knowing that our highly-trained medical and nursing personnel are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care possible.

Personal Attention

Because every guest comes to us with a different experience, we strive to work with you to meet your needs and assure that you have the tools you will need to continue caring for yourself when you return home.


We believe that giving women choices about their health care is very important. We strongly encourage women to take an active part in considering their health care options because we want women to feel empowered to make the best decisions possible.

Home-Like Surroundings

The moment you walk through our doors you will notice a difference in your surroundings from the typical hospital setting. From the warm, inviting colors to the personal nutrition center and private rooms, we strive to make your hospital stay seem more like your home away from home.