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Community Investment Report

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Fitzgibbon Hospital’s Community Investment Report for FY 2018

The following figures are based on Fitzgibbon Hospital’s 2018 fiscal year, which runs from May 1, 2017, to April 30, 2018.*

 *(Figures taken from audited financial reports available in 4th Quarter, 2018)

Fitzgibbon Hospital’s mission is “To Improve the Health of Our Community.”  This means we have devoted significant resources to improving the physical, mental, spiritual and economic health of our city, county, region and the lives of the people who live here. The Fitzgibbon organization makes an investment in our communities by boosting not only the local economy as one of the region’s largest employers, but also by providing essential health care services. We provide these services without regard to the individual’s ability to pay – whether uninsured, underinsured, or insured - and we support programs collaboratively with other community philanthropic, service and healthcare organizations.

 Additionally, Fitzgibbon Hospital employees give personally of their time by taking part in many outreach activities aimed at helping our friends, neighbors and the most vulnerable in our communities:  activities which may not be highlighted through the normal course of providing hospital services. These volunteer activities outside of our organization include serving on school, social service and community organizations and engaging in community-building activities that improve the quality of life for all who live in the communities we serve. Fitzgibbon Hospital strives to offer medical services and programs that coincide with the spirit of compassionate caring that only a local, independent, not-for-profit hospital can provide.

Community Benefit

Medicare, Medicaid, Uncompensated Care and Charity Care

This figure includes the unpaid costs of providing care to individuals covered by Medicare, Medicaid and to those without insurance. It represents the shortfall between the cost of providing care and the payments received by the government and covered patients. It also represents the cost of care provided to those patients who are either unwilling or unable to pay for their care. As part of Fitzgibbon’s mission of caring for our community, we offer a Financial Assistance Policy, scheduled payment arrangements and discounted care to those who are eligible, who submit an application and who have a documented financial need.

As part of our mission of caring for our community, during FY 2018, Fitzgibbon forgave $495,571 in charges for healthcare provided to patients in need. These patients include persons considered among the most vulnerable in our community and who may be experiencing significant obstacles to health care such as extreme poverty, language barriers, transportation issues and other socio-economic factors.

Health Professionals Education and Research

This figure shows an investment in our dedicated staff and includes the cost of providing continuing education and training for our physicians, nurses and other health care professionals. It also includes unreimbursed expenses associated with research studies in which Fitzgibbon and our staff may participate.

Financial Contributions and In-Kind Donations

This figure includes cash and in-kind donations to support community organizations, healthy lifestyle programs, patient advocacy and community event sponsorships. It is Fitzgibbon Hospital’s mission to improve the health of our community and to collaborate with other health-related, not-for-profit organizations to ensure the neediest in our area receive essential care and services. It is also within our mission to assist other civic organizations in strengthening our communities through support of schools, groups and activities that improve the quality of life we all enjoy.

This includes Fitzgibbon Hospital’s placement of a Certified Athletic Trainer within the Marshall Public School District to ensure the health and safety of our high school athletes. We also provide collaborative support to Missouri Valley College, which offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. The program is housed on the Fitzgibbon Hospital campus, and Fitzgibbon provides guest lecturers, nurse preceptors and practicum opportunities for students. We also provide significant support to entities that improve the health, education and quality of life in our region, such as the Salt Fork YMCA, Marshall Philharmonic Orchestra, United Way, American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, OATS transportation service, Saline County Fair Association, area schools and student organizations and other worthwhile programs benefitting us all.

Total Community Benefit FY2018: $6,048,865

Economic Investment

Capital Investments

Fitzgibbon Hospital and the clinics we operate are not-for-profit entities. Therefore, revenues are reinvested into the facility to ensure the availability of essential health care services. A large part of this reinvestment is in medical equipment and health information technology improvements related to electronic health records. Fitzgibbon upgraded several pieces of X-ray equipment, including a new digital portable X-ray unit for bedside use, a new MRI machine with technology that provides faster scans and high-resolution imaging and renovation to the common/family visiting area at The Living Center long-term care facility. This amount includes the total annual investment made through purchasing and leasing these vital items, as well as rental of medical office space. It is our goal to continually improve the services we offer and the facilities occupied by Fitzgibbon Hospital to ensure our patients receive care in a safe, pleasant and up-to-date environment.

Payroll and Benefits

This figure includes the cost of payroll and employee benefits for our team of dedicated health care providers and support staff at both the hospital and nursing home. As one of the largest employers in the area, Fitzgibbon Hospital and The Living Center nursing home employ 526 full- and part-time employees system-wide. This figure also includes the cost of retaining specially-trained contract personnel in various medical specialties to ensure our community receives the highest quality health care available in our area.

Total Economic Investment FY2018:  $37,391,618

Total Investment in our Community through

Community Benefit plus Economic Investment:


Fitzgibbon Facts

The following are facts about the broad scope of services offered at Fitzgibbon Hospital. (For fiscal year May 1, 2017, through April 30, 2018):

Number of Emergency Room Visits: 11,699
Number of Babies Born in The Women’s Center: 220
Medical Specialties Represented: 23
Inpatient Hospitalizations: 2,195
Outpatient Visits: 64,380

Rural Health Clinics:

Increasing access to health care by placing physicians/providers in otherwise underserved surrounding communities ensures vulnerable populations in the most isolated areas have access to essential health care services. As certified Rural Health Clinics, these sites utilize advanced practice nurses in collaboration with physicians to ensure access to health care services and operate under the same licensure, governance and professional supervision as the hospital. These sites also follow the Patient-Centered Medical Home model of care, in which a team of caregivers engage both patient and family to assist in management of chronic health conditions, helping to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, overuse of the emergency room and to ensure that care is delivered in the most appropriate setting:

*Marshall Family Practice – Marshall, Mo.

*Grand River Medical Clinic – Brunswick, Mo.

*Akeman-McBurney Medical Clinic – Slater, Mo.

*Fitzgibbon Family Health – Fayette, Mo.

*Medicare- certified Rural Health Clinic, a safety net provider

For information about this report, please contact Amy Weber, Business Development Manager, at 660-831-3204.