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Are you tired of the hurt?  Ready to get help?

Have you suffered a loss of a loved one, marriage, job or other significant emotional event that is weighing on you?  Would you like to learn tools that will help you overcome this weight and move to a new understanding of your grief?  Our Grief Recovery Program is free to members of the community thanks to memorial contributions to Fitzgibbon Mary Montgomery Hospice.

Each support group lasts 8-weeks with new groups forming regularly.  For more information, you may call chaplain Richard DeFord at (660)831-3235.

Grief Recovery -  Class lasts 8 weeks

        Group 1 - Marshall @ Fitzgibbon Hospital - this group is currently in session and is now closed.  Next group is anticipated to form this fall.

In the meantime, you can sign-on to do tele-visits with a member of the Grief Recovery Method who is able to lead you in one-on-one grief support.  Visit to learn more.

This program is led by Rev. Richard E. DeFord, a board-certified chaplain and certified Grief Recovery Specialist."

"I have experienced many losses in my life.  From losing both of my parents, both of my in-laws, other relatives, pets, career changes and my three best friends to three separate accidents in the span of one month period of time.  As a hospice chaplain, I saw grief in the families I served and wanted desperately to provide a resource for them.  Our community-minded, independent, not-for-profit hospital heard my proposal to bring this program to our community and I am so glad they did.  I look forward to the chance to help you heal your heart after experiencing loss.  My pain is not your pain and I can never fully know your experience or your emotion.  Just know that this program is a wonderful opportunity for you to heal." - Richard DeFord

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Feedback:  Here is what some of our attendees are saying
"It wasn't until taking your Grief Seminar that it finally dawned on me that this illness was a direct result of my body reacting to our son being incarcerated, and all the shame and humiliation that comes with it.  Now that I know what can happen, I feel armed and better prepared to deal with other stressful events in the future."

"I opened the suitcase that I had not touched since my mom died....I about lost it. Then, I remembered my grief completion all those memories and painful thoughts had been addressed already, and I've ended that grief, never to return back to those same reminders. It worked! I put it where it belonged, the replacement memories of that time came to the front, and I am okay! Am looking forward to my the grief process DOES work. I don't feel ashamed or negligent or any less loving just because I am not dwelling on it. I've processed it, addressed it, put it in the correct spot in my life. Now I can go forward! Many thanks again, Richard...."

"I want to thank you and Fitzgibbon Hospital for the opportunity to participate in the Grief Recovery Program. Before I began the sessions, I seemed to be lost in the grief and pain of losing my husband without any warning, and I did not want to share much with my children because I knew they were grieving as well. The book and homework assignments were hard, but you were willing to share your own life losses with us by demonstrating each week's graph. The one-to-one partnership with another member was also much easier than sharing with a group. After completing the program, I know that I have the tools to continue to leave the grief and pain behind and dwell on the wonderful memories of our 54 years together."

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