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Sleep Services

Do you want to sleep like a baby?  The Accredited Sleep Lab at Fitzgibbon Hospital can help!

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine,  most people experience frequent sleep problems and nearly one quarter of them report daytime sleepiness which often interferes with work and other activities.

The Sleep Lab at Fitzgibbon Hospital is located in the Outpatient Clinic on the hospital campus and is fully accredited.  We offer our patients:
  • Short wait times for testing
  • Quick turn-around times for results
  • Quality rooms with individual rest rooms and climate control
  • Quality, personalized service
  The following diagnostic testing is offered:
  • Initial Sleep Study
  • CPAP/Titration Study (day or night)
  • Split Night Study
  • Open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with sleep studies available Monday through Friday

Our Sleep Specialist 

David Kuhlmann, MD
Sleep Specialist

Dr. Kuhlmann provides a wide range of services, from evaluation of patients for sleep apnea and other disorders to monitoring patient’s use of CPAP and related durable medical equipment. Dr. Kuhlmann has been interpreting sleep studies at Fitzgibbon Hospital for the past year and is now enhancing this service by providing regular clinic hours.

Contact Us

To schedule a clinic appointment, call (855) 955-9573.
To schedule a Sleep Study at Fitzgibbon Hospital, contact Scheduling at (660) 831-3208.

Providers, Click Here to download the necessary paperwork for your patient.