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Aquatic Therapy

Fitzgibbon Hospital Rehabilitation Services
2305 S. Highway 65 | Marshall, MO 65340
(660) 831-3236

Our SWIMEX 600T pool offers a diversity of low impact, high resistance aquatic physical therapy.  Our staff is trained in the latest techniques and offer a diverse back ground to assist in recover thru Aquatic Therapy.

The SWIMEX 600T aquatic therapy pool is a multi-depth pool, adjustable to depths of four and five feet.  This unit features eight distinct workout stations, including plyometric pads, open and closed kinetic exercise benches and steps, and an angled running platform.  The treadmill simulator (40-degree angled pad) allows the patient to begin running in a limited weight-bearing environment and the adjustable floor allows the physical therapist to gradually increase weight-bearing activities to allow a smooth transition to land.  This aquatic therapy pool circulates over 30,000 gallons of laminar water flow per minute, creating a wall of water that generates over 40 water speeds ranging from 0 to 6.5 mph.  The patented SWIMEX water current creates an ideal environment for strength training and functional activities during all phases of the rehabilitation program.  Six tethering ports allow the physical therapist to lock in the patient during non-weight-bearing protocols.

For questions or additional information about Aquatic Therapy, please call our Rehabilitation Services department at (660) 831-3236.