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Patient Testimonials

Michelle Pointer | Marshall, MO

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Cancer is something no one wants to go through, but I am so thankful I had a choice to receive my treatments at the Community Cancer Center in Marshall. The compassionate, caring and professional staff at the Community Cancer Center helped relieve my fears and anxiety. They helped make me what I am today … a survivor."

Ronna Solomon | Marshall, MO

“The very best thing was to be only minutes away from my appointments and treatments instead of having to drive back and forth to Columbia when I wasn’t feeling very well. I always left feeling like I was taken care of, with my questions answered. I felt very confident they were up to date with any techniques and medical procedures I could have received anywhere else.”

Thomas Knott | Clinton, MO

“At Fitzgibbon Cancer Center I received the most excellent care that you can expect. I have been to some of the leading cancer treatment centers in the United States. But what do they have that you can’t get here? You don’t have to leave home for 10 or 11 weeks because you can get the same treatment in your back yard.  This is where you can go home to dinner.  You can see the same people that are going to treat you at the grocery store.”

Doug Cook | Sweet Springs, MO

“The staff was very friendly and helpful. They took care of me instead of just treating me. It was a positive experience overall."

Linda Oden | Brunswick, MO

“It was a truly amazing experience for me. The doctors and nurses explained everything. The treatment and the care I received along with the support and enthusiasm from my nurses, made the experience bearable. When I got done, I felt that I had accomplished something with their amazing help.”

Stephanie Meyer | Slater, MO

“I had amazing care. You aren’t going to get any better care than what you get right here in Marshall. I think if you consider going anywhere else you are crazy.  After that first appointment, you just feel like family there. I am so glad the Fitzgibbon Community Cancer Center was here when I needed it.”