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Grief Recovery

Actual testimonials of attendees in Marshall and Sedalia through the Fitzgibbon Hospital/Fitzgibbon Mary Montgomery Hospice Grief Program

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Pam Nichols

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Other Testimonials

"I highly recommend this group. Richard DeFord is one of a kind in leading and teaching this class. It isn't just a class or another course: it is a life-altering, life-saving opportunity that helps like nothing else can. I know: I personally took it, and continue using tools from these lessons a year after completion.

I opened the suitcase that I had not touched since my mom died....I about lost it. Then, I remembered my grief completion all those memories and painful thoughts had been addressed already, and I've ended that grief, never to return back to those same reminders. It worked! I put it where it belonged, the replacement memories of that time came to the front, and I am okay! Am looking forward to my the grief process DOES work. I don't feel ashamed or negligent or any less loving just because I am not dwelling on it. I've processed it, addressed it, put it in the correct spot in my life. Now I can go forward! Many thanks again, Richard...." - Pam Nichols

"Thank you for providing the class, “When Children Grieve”.  After attending your “Grief Support” last summer, and acquiring many of the tools to deal with both my grief and the grief of others, knowing how to connect with children was very helpful.  Furthermore, it opened my eyes to the many types of “losses” children experience, most of which they cannot “see coming” and can only play the role of “victim” because they have no control of.

Please convey my appreciation to all of the parties involved, Hospice and Fitzgibbon for their time and resources.  This is a great benefit to the community, and I will continue to encourage others to participate." - Wayne Doolin, Minister of Education & Music, First Baptist Church, Marshall

"It wasn't until taking your Grief Seminar that it finally dawned on me that this illness was a direct result of my body reacting to our son being incarcerated, and all the shame and humiliation that comes with it.  Now that I know what can happen, I feel armed and better prepared to deal with other stressful events in the future."

"This along with another program I am currently working helped me resolve some resentment. I am now able to not live as a victim of my childhood."

"The grief recovery program helped me face the reality of my loss, feelings that I had refused to face for years, and the chance of forgiveness where I thought there was none. It was the first time I had contemplated what life without chronic emotional pain would look like and it gave me the courage to hope for a better and more fulfilling life. The material not only helped me personally, but also helped me know how to better respond to my family, my friends, and my clients who experience life loss and transitions."

"I understood grief in the "traditional" sense of the "stages". Anger THEN depression, etc. The GRM helped me to understand why I was never comfortable with the stages and was often shamed if I felt something other that what I was 'supposed' to at the 'time' I was supposed to feel it. I was able to work through MY grief without feeling ashamed. The format of the homework helped me to understand what I was feeling and why and what to do with it in a constructive manner. I was able to grieve over my loss but had tangible information in which to move forward in a healthy way."

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Filmed at our Sedalia site at Katy Park Baptist Church.