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Information for Patients & Visitors

This is an EXCITING time to be our patient!

We have upgraded our entire Electronic Health Record (EHR) system!

This upgraded EHR will further improve the quality of care you receive within the Fitzgibbon organization.

  • Your Fitzgibbon affiliated provider has access to all your Fitzgibbon-based medical records without having to access multiple systems
    • Since all of your record is contained in one electronic system, there is no need to "search" for information that may be contained in a paper chart or document 
  • The FitzChart Patient Portal allows you to request appointments and refills, electronically
  • Conveniently pay your bill online through the FitzChart Patient Portal
  • Automated tools to help your medical team predict sepsis and other conditions to improve your safety
  • Seamless transition between service areas, for example from ER to Radiology to Rehab to Clinic
  • When prescribing medications, your Fitzgibbon physician has access to your complete medical history from Fitzgibbon Hospital providers including allergies and diagnostic results.  This ensures the correct medications are prescribed to treat your current condition.
  • The potential for medical errors are reduced with our system because it alerts personnel if a prescription is outside the indicated dose for an individual.  This is particularly helpful in prescribing medication to a child who may have different requirements for medication than those taken by adults for the same symptoms.
  • The potential for transcription errors are also reduced because all care is documented electronically rather than being handwritten and transcribed