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Information for Patients & Visitors



An ATM machine is located near the front lobby at the main entrance of the hospital.

Mail and Flowers

There’s nothing quite like cards and flowers to brighten your hospital stay, and we make it easy for your family and friends to get their wishes to you. Fitzgibbon Hospital staff or a volunteer will personally deliver any mail or flowers to you in your room. Patients in ICU, however, are not permitted to have fresh flowers or plants in their room.

If you have mail to send you may give it to one of the staff members who enters your room.

Notary Public

The services of a notary public are available to patients during regular business hours for healthcare-related paperwork (Advance Directive, DPOA for Healthcare). Your nurse or a social worker will be happy to make arrangements for you.

Pastoral Care

The Fitzgibbon Hospital chapel is always available to patients of all denominations. If you desire a pastoral visit, let your nurse know and arrangements can easily be made.


For your convenience, we provide you with a bedside phone which allows you to place calls at any time. Calls may be made directly from your room by dialing 9 and then the number, or you may dial 0 for the operator who will place the call for you. Also, your friends and family may reach you by calling your room directly (your phone number should be posted on the communication board in your room, or just ask a staff member for the number) or by calling the main line at (660) 886-7431.

Video Bulletin Boards ("Fitzgibbon Information Network")

The Fitzgibbon Information Network, or FIN, is a video bulletin board that displays important information about our facility, including our doctors and other providers, new services, upcoming events, as well as the weather forecast.  Be sure to check it out!


Free Wi-Fi is available through our Fitzgibbon Public connection.

Vending Machines

Beverage and food/snack machines are located in the cafeteria and near the front lobby at the main entrance of the hospital.