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Vaccine Pre-registration available at Fitzgibbon Hospital

January 20, 2021

As the State of Missouri continues its implementation plan for Covid-19 vaccines, Fitzgibbon Hospital and its affiliated clinics are preparing by pre-registering individuals interested in receiving the vaccine. Vaccine supplies are limited and are being administered in phases determined by the State of Missouri, beginning with healthcare workers on the front lines and continuing to first responders. The State of Missouri announced the opening of phase 1B earlier this week, which expands eligibility to those over age 65 and individuals who are at risk of serious complications from the Covid-19. Eligibility factors include age, weight and medical conditions. Learn more about eligibility a www.mostopscovid.com.

            “We began our pandemic response strategy by providing broad access to testing at the very beginning of the pandemic. This philosophy has put us on the leading edge of response to the pandemic when compared with many other communities in the state,” said Angy Littrell, President at CEO of Fitzgibbon Hospital.  “For the last few months we also have been formulating our plans for administration of vaccines, once they are available. We have already vaccinated over 200 of our staff and have well-thought-out plans to roll out the vaccine to the community as different eligibility phases open up. It’s important to note that all these plans are contingent upon our receipt of the actual vaccine.”

            Currently, there are two vaccines which have been given Emergency Use Authorizations by the Food and Drug Administration: Pfizer and Moderna. Others are in development but have not yet been approved by the FDA. Demand for the vaccine currently outpaces supply.

            To pre-register to receive the vaccine when your phase is implemented by the State of Missouri and vaccine is available at Fitzgibbon or any of its clinics, visit www.fitzgibbon.org/preregister.  To learn more about the state’s implementation plan, visit www.mostopscovid.com.