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New Chiropractor Hopes to Help Expectant Moms and Children

September 13, 2016

Fitzgibbon Chiropractic is now open inside the Fitzgibbon Medical Clinic with Kylie Heying, DC as the Chiropractic Physician. The new service added by Fitzgibbon Hospital will be a valuable compliment to Marshall Family Practice and Marshall Women's Care, as they work to treat holistically to treat the whole person.

Heying graduated from Marshall High School in 2008, and has now returned to Marshall to be close to the family that she loves following her graduation with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Cleveland University of Chiropractic and Health Sciences in Kansas City and subsequent board-certification by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

"I didn't initially plan on coming back to Marshall. I didn't know where I was going to be after graduation. I actually had a position lined up in Omaha, Neb., as an associate in a practice that focused on pregnancy and infants, which is what I love," said Heying. "I talked to Dr. Haug because he wanted me to talk to him before I graduated, and it just turned out that Fitzgibbon was a much better option for me."

For Heying, becoming a chiropractor was a great change in her initial plans following high school.

"I originally set out to go to medical school, but after internships and job shadowing I decided to explore other options. I talked with Dr. Fahnestock, who was great. He showed me how happy a profession chiropractic care is, because you often see immediate results as you provide care to your patients," said Heying.

While providing general chiropractic care to people of all ages makes Dr. Heying happy, there are some areas where she is specifically passionate. Those include helping expectant mothers, new mothers, babies and toddlers.

"I am ‘Webster Certified.’ The Webster Technique is specific to pregnant women, and it focuses on balancing the pelvis to make labor easier and shorter. You can make moms more comfortable during their pregnancy and make it easier for their baby to be positioned properly in the pelvis," said Heying. "Chiropractic care helps back pain to not be a factor during labor and after labor. Chiropractic adjustments can relax those muscles, get the joints moving more properly, and help with the back pain."

"I love adjusting babies. They respond really quickly. Adjustments can help with sleep, digestion, colic and ear infections. It really does wonders for babies and toddlers," she said.

As someone who has played sports and continues to be a sports fan, Heying also says she knows of the benefits of chiropractic care for those who are dealing with some sports-related injuries. 

"I love sports, so I've always worked with sports injuries. I had training in school that specifically addressed sports injuries. I like to see individuals who have had sports injuries to their extremities like their hip, knee, shoulder, wrist or foot. Sometimes a simple adjustment can alleviate the pain and help them heal," said Heying. "An injury in your joints or extremities decreases motion, which affects your nerve flow and causes pain. With chiropractic care, we work to put more motion into the joint which improves that nerve flow, lessens pain and restores range of motion to the joint."

When many think of chiropractic care, they often think of adjustments to the spine to help with back or neck pain. But chiropractic care has been proven to help with other areas as well, like TMJ dysfunction and headaches.

"Chiropractic adjustment can help with headaches, depending on what kind they are. Migraines can be caused by many different things. But other headaches that are caused by muscle tension can be treated by an adjustment, which helps to release the muscles that are causing the tension and improve that nerve and blood flow."

When not at work, Heying keeps her time filled with a variety of interests, from being part of a book club to watching motor sports.

"I love reading. I am in a book club with all of my friends from high school. Most of my friends from high school are in Kansas City now, and I drive up once a month to see them. I love to watch high school sports. I have a family pass to see my sister, and I go to everything. I go to home and away volleyball games. I am in the Marshall Alumni Association. I also love to go to the micro sprint car races in Sweet Springs and cheer on my boyfriend, Mark Clemmons, who races on Saturdays."

While Heying loves to do these activities, what really grounds her and brings a smile to her face is her family. She is very family-oriented and has a large family in the Marshall area.

"My mom is a school teacher at Orearville. My dad works on my uncle’s farm near Hardeman school. My grandfather is also the principal of Orearville. I am very family-oriented. They are my best friends and the people I like to hang out with. And I love our Sunday dinners," said Heying.

To make your appointment with Dr. Kylie Heying at Fitzgibbon Chiropractic, call (660) 831-3743. Fitzgibbon Chiropractic is conveniently located inside the Fitzgibbon Medical Clinic between Marshall Family Practice and Marshall Women's Care.