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Missouri Valley Physicians to join the Fitzgibbon Hospital Family

September 20, 2022

     Fitzgibbon Hospital and Missouri Valley Physicians have entered a new partnership, effective Jan. 2, 2023. The new year will mean that staff and providers at Missouri Valley Physicians will be employed by the Fitzgibbon organization.

     “I’m thrilled that we can finally come together and share the same management and the same goals,” said Angy Littrell, President and CEO of Fitzgibbon Hospital. “Today’s changing landscape of healthcare and the many ‘headwinds’ providers face in rural Missouri presented this opportunity. I believe our combined resources and years of experience will mutually benefit both of our organizations as well as those we care for.”

       The two entities have enjoyed a close relationship for many years, with Jack Uhrig, M.D., serving on the Fitzgibbon Hospital Board of Trustees and Timothy Ryan, D.O., serving as a collaborator for many areas within Fitzgibbon Hospital. These two physicians served as medical leaders during the uncertain times of the recent pandemic.

     “We are looking forward to combining our collective talents and resources to continue to serve our patients and our community,” said Dr. Uhrig. “Tim and I thought it was the right time to make this change in order to preserve the same standard of internal medicine we have practiced the past 40 years.”

     Patient care under the new agreement will be unchanged but will be supported by the resources of Fitzgibbon Hospital. In anticipation of the clinic’s medical records systems switching over to the Cerner-developed platform used by Fitzgibbon, current patients of JCMG will need to request a medical records transfer to Fitzgibbon. Patients who present for care during the last few months of this year will be provided detailed information regarding this request. Another positive aspect of the transition will be that Missouri Valley Physicians will utilize the unified medical record system in place at Fitzgibbon Hospital, resulting in a cohesive continuum of information for their patients.

     “We value our friendship as organizations and have for many years, so the time is right for us to join the Fitzgibbon family of clinics,” said Tim Ryan, D.O.

     Missouri Valley Physicians first opened as the old Odell Avenue Clinic decades ago and affiliated with the Jefferson City Medical Group in 2015.  But its close working relationship with Fitzgibbon Hospital as well as its location on the northwest side of the Fitzgibbon Hospital campus makes this an important step for healthcare – and convenience - in Saline County.

Are you a patient of the Jefferson City Medical Group (JCMG Missouri Valley Physicans)?  Click here for the form to request your medical records.