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Medicaid Members Must Confirm Contact Info to Continue Benefits

August 11, 2023

Medicaid provides health coverage to millions of Americans, including eligible low-income adults, children, pregnant women, elderly adults and people with disabilities. Prior to the declaration of the Covid-19 Pandemic in March of 2000, Medicaid recipients were required each year to prove that they were eligible to receive the health insurance benefit by submitting documentation of income and re-confirming their address. That process was suspended during the pandemic but was reinstituted in April of 2023.

Those who don’t re-validate their information for Medicaid will lose their coverage.

“In order for people who are on Medicaid to continue to receive Medicaid health insurance benefits, they must re-validate each year. If they don’t, they will lose their health insurance,” said Porshia Brooks, the patient financial coordinator for Fitzgibbon Hospital. “They should receive a yellow envelope in the mail. They need to make sure their information is accurate as soon as they receive their annual renewal letter mailing.”

In Brooks’ role at Fitzgibbon Hospital, she helps people apply for or ensure that they can continue to receive their Medicaid benefits by answering questions and assisting in submitting their required documentation. She also can help individuals by becoming an “authorized representative” for them after they fill out simple form giving her that authority. There is no charge for any of her services.

“I am contracted with the state so I can go into the state’s system and set the individual up on the Family Services Department portal. That is where they can upload their documents. Or if they need assistance, I can do that for them as well,” said Brooks. “I am able to let them know the date their revalidation is due, and I can answer any questions they have.

According to Brooks, individuals will need current income check stubs, some piece of mail that shows their current address, and if the individuals are receiving disability payments, that documentation will be required as well. This annual revalidation process occurs around the anniversary of when a person’s coverage began. Individuals who are no longer eligible for Medicaid can apply to receive insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace, which is on healthcare.gov. Brooks can assist with that enrollment process as well.

“Income qualifications were raised this past April to adjust for cost of living, so more individuals may qualify for Medicaid than prior to the pandemic,” said Brooks. “I can help individuals apply for Medicaid as well, or they can find the application at https://mydss.mo.gov/healthcare/apply.”

            Fitzgibbon Hospital is designated as a Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) by the Federal Government, meaning that it cares for a larger percentage of Medicaid and Medicare recipients. This makes Brooks’ job vitally important.

            To find out if you may qualify for Medicaid or for help with revalidation or enrollment in the Marketplace, reach out to Porshia Brooks with questions. She may be reached at (660)831-3827. There is no charge for her services.