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Fitzgibbon Hospital launches new on-the-job nurse assistant program

February 28, 2022

Many people have a heart to care for others but don’t have the means or the desire to go to college or technical school. A new program at Fitzgibbon Hospital is working to change that. The Nursing Assistant Academy is looking for people who may want to dip their toes into the healthcare field and receive free training while earning an income. Organizers are using a new Missouri law that allows for this training; and it just may be the path to a career in healthcare.  

“The Fitzgibbon Nursing Assistant Academy is an opportunity that allows someone to enter the healthcare field while receiving on-the-job training,” said Angela Igo, R.N. Chief Nursing Office at Fitzgibbon Hospital.  “We have created a curriculum that will allow an individual to learn all the skills needed to support our nursing team in providing care to our patients. The academy involves classroom instruction, basic nursing skills and a 100-hour practicum within 90 days of hire.”

With a shortage of healthcare workers across the nation that is being felt locally, Igo hopes that introducing people to healthcare while receiving training and monetary compensation will foster a sense of self-purpose. It is an opportunity for those who are seeking a fulfilling job that will offer them a chance to make a difference in the lives of many and see if healthcare could be the right fit for them.

“We provide care to so many friends and neighbors here, and it is rewarding to be able to make a difference within our community,” said Igo.

Fitzgibbon Hospital’s Nursing Assistant Academy is authorized under the State of Missouri’s Unlicensed Assistive Personnel Training Program to prepare individuals to perform simple nursing procedures and assist in direct patient care. It is designed to allow those interested in working in healthcare a cost-free path to do so.

To join the program, go to www.fitzgibbon.org and click the “Job Openings” link at the top of the page.  Then search for Unlicensed Assistive Personnel as the job title.