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Fitzgibbon Hospital Food Drive Breaks Records

December 11, 2017

The staff at Fitzgibbon Hospital and The Living Center have conducted an annual food drive during the holiday season as a way of giving back to our community. So often the Marshall community has come forward to support the hospital in many generous ways, but the annual food drive is the one activity the hospital conducts each year which is strictly about those outside the hospital walls. This year, all previous records for the drive were shattered, as the equivalent of more than 3,700 lbs. of food were collected. The donations are targeted for the Saline County Holiday Project, with the distribution slated for Thursday, Dec. 14.

            “This is an organization-wide effort with numerous departments within the hospital and The Living Center issuing challenges to one another. Fitzgibbon’s management team then challenged all the departments with a pledge to match the amount collected by the winning department donating the most food,” said Darin Haug, D.O., President and CEO of Fitzgibbon Hospital.

            For the second year in a row, the Financial Services Department collected the most food with 471 pounds. While many individual employees donated on their own, additional departments participating in the challenge include Nutritional Services, Pharmacy, ICU, Rehab, Radiology, Marshall Family Practice and Information Technology.

            “We recognize that the Saline County Holiday Project, which is organized by the Saline County Inter-Agency Council, benefits hundreds of families and thousands of individuals in our community during the holidays,” said Haug. “We are very supportive of this worthwhile effort and are proud to be able to give back to our community in such a grassroots and meaningful way.”