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Fitzgibbon Hospital Continues to Serve Marshall after 100 Years

May 18, 2023

Fitzgibbon Hospital saw its first patient on April 24, 1923 thanks to a $50,000 bequest made by an Irish immigrant, John Fitzgibbon, prior to his death in 1916.  The independent, not-for-profit, 501(c)3 hospital has operated under the governing of a volunteer board of trustees since its beginning.

In his Last Will and Testament, Fitzgibbon stated, “for the sole purpose of establishing and maintaining a suitable hospital at Marshall, Missouri, for the medical, surgical and curative treatment and nursing of such sick or injured patients of Saline County, Missouri, and elsewhere, as may be admitted therin.”

Comments made during the recent 100-year celebratory events echoed the positive impact of community generosity. 

“It really is a special event to recognize 100 years of healthcare provided by Fitzgibbon Hospital. This would not be possible without the generosity of our founder, John Fitzgibbon, who gave his estate to establish a hospital to serve Saline County,” said Angy Littrell, President and CEO of Fitzgibbon Hospital. “We are fortunate for his generosity and insight and fortunate to have a hospital we can report to every day to do meaningful work so vital to our community.”

Did John Fitzgibbon have any idea that his hospital, which delivered a total of six babies in 1923, would experience such growth and have such a broad reach today?  Here are some statistics highlighting the importance of this vital healthcare organization.

  • Delivered 267 babies in FY2022
  • Provides care from before birth, with neonatal visits, to natural death through the first hospice service to open in Saline County
  • Serves seven Missouri counties with seven primary care clinics and access to 30 different medical specialties, including orthopedics, general surgery, oncology, mental health, gynecology, obstetrics and podiatry.
  • Provides cancer care in partnership with Missouri Cancer Associates at the state-of-the-art Fitzgibbon Community Cancer Center, which opened in 2009 thanks to the support of the community
  • Operates the only inpatient mental health unit within 60 miles
  • Provides comprehensive physical, occupational and speech therapy including cardiac rehab and wellness facility
  • Utilizes an electronic medical records system that allows providers across the organization to see all aspects of a patient’s medical record to improve safety and continuity of care and enables quick and accurate transfer of vital health information to other facilities and providers
  • More than $39 million in annual economic benefits flowed to local, rural economies in FY2022.
  • Community benefit dollars to support area quality of life via support of civic organizations in the region with memberships, resources and donations
  • Provided $3.6 million in uncompensated and “charity” care in FY2022
  • Employs more than 400 people and laid off no staff during the pandemic
  • A total payroll greater than $33.3 million flows downstream to employees’ home communities.
  • Provided care through 13,774 emergency room visits in FY2022
  • Provided care through 97,882 outpatient visits in FY2022
  • Administered more than 59,000 Covid-19 tests since the pandemic began to residents of 74 Missouri counties, 38 states and five different countries.
  • During the pandemic was one of the only 24-hour testing facilities in the state, with those seeking testing coming from far and wide
  • Owns and operates The Living Center (formerly the Saline County Rest Home) a 99-bed long-term care facility only a hallway away from Fitzgibbon Hospital

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