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Fitzgibbon enters into Management Agreement with Blosser Home

November 02, 2022

Fitzgibbon Hospital has entered into a management agreement with the Georgia Brown Blosser Home for Women effective Oct. 3, 2022.

The Blosser Home for Women is a residential facility and home to a maximum of 11 women. It is located at 1210 E. Eastwood in Marshall.

 Under the agreement, Fitzgibbon Hospital will oversee the operations of the facility, working with the current administrator and staff, providing additional knowledge, experience and resources to support the goals of the Blosser Home’s board of directors.

“This opportunity seemed like a good fit for us,” said Angy Littrell, CEO of Fitzgibbon Hospital. “With our expertise in residential care, we anticipate being able to assist with meeting the needs of residents and the desires of the board. We look forward to working to make this a seamless transition for Blosser Home residents.”

The Georgia Brown Blosser Home was founded in 1932 and is listed as a national historic site. The home, along with an adjacent property which once served as a home for crippled children (as seen on the building’s façade), were operational and incorporated in 1932, made possible via a bequest from Georgia Brown Blosser, who died in 1931.

George Brown Blosser was a well-known philanthropist in the 1920’s, resident of Marshall and an heiress to a tobacco fortune. At the time the home was established, historical records show that the home would be operated as just that:  “a home.”

            “This is a home in every sense of the word…a home where kindness, cheerfulness and comfort are important,” according to marketing materials regarding the facility. “A tastefully furnished living room provides a social center for residents. Meals prepared by experienced cooks are served in an attractive dining room. Each resident has a private room. This means it is not a nursing home. Nor is it an institution. It is a home…. It is a home where the individual is queen.”

            For more information about residency at the Blosser home for women, contact 660-886-5020.