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Dr. Kurt Schroer, seeing patients during highs and lows is a motivating factor in his care

May 31, 2022

          Kurt Schroer, DO/MBA, Family Practice Physician at Marshall Family Practice began seeing patients a few weeks ago.  Marshall Family Practice is designated as a Patient Centered Medical Home and is located inside the Fitzgibbon Medical Clinic next to Fitzgibbon Hospital.  Dr. Schroer returned to the area to be close to his mother who is battling lung cancer.

          “My mom was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer back in 2019 so we are going through that process now.  I appreciate family time now more than I probably ever have in the past,” said Schroer. “She is on the last chemo they can give her.  No one in my family has any medical background, so I am glad I can be back and be a part of her care.”

            Watching a family member battle a terminal condition has certainly had an impact on Dr. Schroer as he sees with new eyes what his patients experience as they deal with medical conditions.

            “I have had patients that had lung cancer.  I never did an oncology rotation in my residency so, I typically would see patients who would come in with certain issues with their care and side effects, but you really didn’t see the day-to-day and the challenges they go through,” said Schroer.  “It definitely gives you a bigger perspective on things.”

Dr. Schroer was born and raised in Overland Park, KS., and was a competitive gymnast and tennis player in his youth.  He did his undergraduate studies at Creighton University in Kansas City where he played tennis on scholarship.  He then graduated Cum Laude from Kansas City University with his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in 2016. He later completed a residency in Family Medicine at the Doctors Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

            During his residency, he served in a family practice clinic in the inner city, providing care to underserved populations which have given him a passion for providing care to individuals suffering from a myriad of conditions including HIV through OhioHealth’s Wellness on Wheels mobile unit.

            In addition to being a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Schroer also has attained his Master’s in Business Administration Degree (MBA) with an emphasis in Healthcare Leadership from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Mo. Dr. Schroer is board-certified by the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians.  While he has had experience in emergency medicine, he really enjoys connecting with patients in a family practice setting.

            “I really enjoy seeing patients over time.  I like emergency medicine but it always bothered me that you never got to see the outcome or long-term goals with someone,” said Schroer.  “I like seeing patients at their highest and their lowest and tackling problems down the road.”

            Over the last few weeks, Dr. Schroer has experienced Marshall and Fitzgibbon Hospital and he has enjoyed being a part of the community and hospital so far.

            “Everyone here has been so friendly.  From the hospitalists to the outpatient clinic.  Back in Ohio, I was in a downtown clinic providing care, and we actually didn’t have any nurses.  We just had medical assistants, so I am really impressed with the clinic here and how it functions more efficiently.  The nurses are able to do a lot more,” said Schroer.

            Dr. Schroer is excited to be providing care at Marshall Family Practice.

“I felt that providing care in a rural setting would provide more experience than in the city.  In the city, you pretty much refer for most things, but in a rural setting, you are pretty much it for a lot of things,” said Schroer.  “I also am hoping to reach out to the high school or college to help coach tennis since that is a big passion of mine.”

            “I can’t treat what I don’t know about a patient’s medical condition, so I really hope that patients feel comfortable sharing their medical concerns with me,” said Schroer.  “I have treated patients from all walks of life, as well as patients from the LGBT and HIV communities back in Ohio, so patients can trust I am here for them and dedicated to helping them get well.”

            To schedule your appointment with Dr. Schroer, call Marshall Family Practice at (660) 886-7800 and choose option 3.