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Birth Experience and Postpartum Care at Fitzgibbon Praised

January 31, 2024

     When she considered delivery options for her second child, Shackleford area licensed practical nurse Analee Shannon was determined not to repeat the experience she had at a large hospital. Shannon had her first baby, Tucker, in a large hospital because she thought, “Bigger meant better.” However, she says her experience at Fitzgibbon Hospital far exceeded the birth experience she had with her first baby.

     “I truly thought (with Tucker) that bigger meant better,” said Shannon. “Boy was I wrong. I rarely saw a nurse during my time there. And I felt more like a number than a person. My questions went unanswered, and the entire experience severely lacked in all aspects. Fast forward four years; and I decided to use Fitzgibbon for my care. I cannot thank the Fitzgibbon Women’s Center Team enough for making my experience so amazing, and I look forward to using them for my care in the future.”

     Shannon shared that there were several contributing factors to her amazing care at Fitzgibbon Hospital, from the prenatal appointments and education provided, to the attentiveness of staff when the time came for Brody to be delivered on Nov. 13, 2023.

      “Starting with the very first appointment, Deanna Donnell and Evelyn Zalbrano and the rest of the staff made me feel comfortable and listened to my concerns regarding my last pregnancy. They listened as I shared how I wanted to do things differently,” said Shannon. “Deanna (a Certified Nurse Midwife) made sure to listen to my birth plan, but also was not afraid to give me information regarding other options, so I could feel fully confident in my decisions. My prenatal appointments continued this way which only further built my confidence in Fitzgibbon. When it came time to discuss medication and delivery due to blood pressure concerns, I was given all options to ensure it was not only my decision but also what was in the best interest of my baby and me.”

     For Shannon, the attentiveness of staff and willingness to communicate with her each step of the way was such a different experience, compared to the birth of her firstborn son four years ago in a metro area hospital.

     “When arriving for my induction, my nurses had the room ready, explained everything to me, and we got things rolling,” said Shannon. “They made sure to explain everything again to me, including the different tools for use during labor as this was never discussed in my last labor. Deanna was in and out, often, to check on me.”

     Shannon also commended the nursing staff for making sure her husband was comfortable as well, something that also was a new experience for the couple when looking back on their prior birth experience.

     ”My nurses were not only attentive to my needs and baby’s but also to my husband, Ricky. They checked on him to see if there was anything he needed and made sure his questions were answered as well,” said Shannon.

     While Shannon doesn’t know what the future holds for her family, she was not shy about the part Fitzgibbon Hospital and the Women’s Center will play if the opportunity arises.

“I would choose Fitzgibbon a hundred times over and if I could. I would have many more kids so that I could choose Fitzgibbon over and over again,” she laughed. “It was an absolutely amazing experience.”

            William Smith, M.D., James Kerns, M.D., and certified nurse midwives Deanna Donnell, CNM, and Megan Shepherd, CNM, staff Marshall Women’s Care. Women may schedule appointments for either obstetrics or any gynecological needs including routine gynecological care, diagnostic testing, surgical and non-surgical interventions. 

To make an appointment, call (660)886-7800, or self-schedule your own appointment by viewing each provider’s calendar and picking a date and time that is convenient for you in the FitzChart Patient Portal found at