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Intensive Care/Progressive Care Unit


Critically-ill patients require constant intensive care in order to restore physiologic stability, prevent complications, and achieve and maintain optimal responses. The critically-ill patient is characterized by the presence of, or being at high risk for, developing life-threatening conditions.

Patients that may qualify for admission to a progressive care bed are those who require continuous cardiac monitoring, pacemaker adjustments, new onset of an altered level of consciousness, or chest pain, for example.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU)/Progressive Care Unit (PCU) at Fitzgibbon Hospital is staffed with a team of professionals specially trained to care for critically-ill patients. The ICU/PCU has seven private rooms, each set up to provide continuous monitoring, including EKG, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and hemodynamics. A nurses’ station is centrally located and allows for visual contact with all patients. A family waiting area is immediately outside the ICU/PCU.



Visitors should be limited to two at one time, however, visiting may be restricted at the discretion of the unit nurse. Children are allowed to visit at the discretion of the nurse in collaboration with the patient’s physician and the patient or patient’s representative.

While patients in the ICU are not permitted to have fresh flowers and plants in their rooms, we do encourage get-well cards and mail be sent to our patients (click here to send an eCard greeting).

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